Additional Information

In this section we will post additional information about collusion, chipdumping and other frauds that take place on a daily basis at Ongame with Ongame's knowledge and cooperation.

Interesting facts:

Poker Guardians focused their attention and efforts to lock Best Poker fraudster accounts because we realized that these guys had some special powers that regular small colluders didn't have. For example, there were two small colluders playing at Double Or Nothings and one simple report was enough to never see them again. Obviously Ongame didn't inform about the result neither compensated any of the Poker Guardians that were severely injured by this colluders as well as other players.

Report on Misterfli42 and rusia7:



I want to report a scandalous collusion between 2 players:

-> Misterfli42 and rusia7
-> ID = T5-44298638-71   ($54 DON) name: Akron  time: around 2:45 GMT 13 April 2010
-> rusia7 (7630 chips) was chipleader and was going all in in every hand. Then he folded to Misterfli42 (715 chips) for only 235 chips. blinds 400/800.
-> I have also attached 2 printscreens of sharkscope. Where you can see that Misterfli42 played every game with rusia7.
Misterfli42         8$12  $24  37%$92  Hot84OngameSNG Only xrusia7         15$1  $13  88%$15  -72OngameSNG Only x

-> Here is the history of the hand that made me loose this don (you can check previous hands to see that he was going all-in in every hand except with Misterfli42):

***** History for hand T5-44298638-70 (TOURNAMENT: S-1352-20709) *****
Start hand: Tue Apr 13 02:38:03 GMT+0100 2010
Table: Table #1 [44298638] (NO_LIMIT TEXAS_HOLDEM 400/800, ante: 80, TC)
User: Pitboy.
Button: seat 7
Players in round: 6
Seat 8: rusia7 (7630)
Seat 1: Misterfli42 (715)
Seat 2: Pitboy. (390)
Seat 3: VAMOS74 (1745)
Seat 4: le_clone07 (1320)
Seat 7: Maximus22600 (3200)
rusia7 posts ante 80
Misterfli42 posts ante 80
Pitboy. posts ante 80
VAMOS74 posts ante 80
le_clone07 posts ante 80
Maximus22600 posts ante 80
rusia7 posts small blind (400)
Misterfli42 posts small blind (635) [all in]
Dealing pocket cards
Dealing to Pitboy.: [6h, Kd]
Pitboy. folds
VAMOS74 folds
le_clone07 folds
Maximus22600 folds
rusia7 folds
Main pot: 1280 won by Misterfli42 (1280)
Seat 8: rusia7 (7150), net: -480
Seat 1: Misterfli42 (1515), net: +800
Seat 2: Pitboy. (310), net: -80
Seat 3: VAMOS74 (1665), net: -80
Seat 4: le_clone07 (1240), net: -80
Seat 7: Maximus22600 (3120), net: -80
***** End of hand T5-44298638-70 *****

Since the collusion is 100% obvious i hope you will credit my account tomorrow with the 100$ that these colluders stole me.

Best Regards,


These colluders had very few games and despite the few games and only one report made by Poker Guardians it was more than enough to block (or disappear with the accounts).

Now the problem is how to block Best Poker accounts when Ongame refuses to accept and cooperate with Poker Guardians in blocking the accounts? They take much time to answer, to act and to accept the most evident evidence and when they accept it they only warn them. This is a very strange behavior in our point of view.

A very important tool to correlate these colluders was the best poker races where we could easily spot new accounts and we could check the top 100 accounts in the race and that helped in confirming many of the colluders reported and find new ones.

Check the printscreen of how bestpoker showed their rake races result before the scandal:

And now let's check how they started to show it after the scandal:

This is very good to protected the colluders from Best Poker since it avoids google searchs and it prevents the fraud prevention from dedicated detectives such as Poker Guardians and other organizations.

Please note that this scandal isn't a single fraud that took place on a short period of time. This fraud is taking place nowadays, it started at least since 2009 and it will probably still continue since Ongame has the power to do whatever they please. The "final decision" is theirs. When you deposit your money into their network you don't have any guarantee that you will have your money back. It dependes solely in their will and in their decision.

Poker Guardians have many printscreens like this where you can check that most of the accounts linked to collusion and warned several times are still playing and chipdumping as they please.

We will post soon a video rather than printscreens. This way it is easier to explain and much more easy for the viewers do understand it all in few minutes.