Forged Evidences

PokerGuardians want Ongame to compensate players affected to the collusion of the 100+ colluders that played at Ongame specially at Double Or Nothing (please note that they are already playing normal SNGs, DONs 6 handed and tournaments).

Obviously Ongame don't want to compensate no one as most of the players don't make a clue of what was going on. Plus it is very hard to compensate players in a fair way without Ongame losing a lot of money. Since they are not willing to put money of their own operations they avoid to warn and compensate players.

PokerLoco by their own will blocked an affiliate account because PokerGuardians were playing there. So this raises a very interesting question: PokerLoco can lock accounts without the knowledge and authorization from Ongame? Yes they can!

As you can see by the e-mails that will be posted soon PokerLoco lies and forges evidences to the affiliate in the name of their RISK department. So more questions are raised:

1 - Ongame have a security department that regulates all poker rooms and players. They decide who to block and who they don't want to block. Then why there is any need of having a risk department at an operator like PokerLock specially since it's size is so small?

2 - What's the goal of this risk department at PokerLoco? To lock their players and affiliates for a reason that seems good for them? And Ongame let this happen?

3 - So a player can be blocked by the network and by the poker room? Let's say that someone inside PokerLoco didn't like much of a player that had a lot of money in their account. He has the power to lock an account without Ongame knowledge. An easy way to do it: He creates another PokerLoco accounts chipdumps to the player he wants to block and says "our risk deparment decided to block you and funds will be seized". Can they do that?

4 - I can't believe Ongame doesn't compensate players! They have to do it! You are lying! Is there any way to check if that is true?

5 - If PokerLoco blocked an account is because they had a good reason to do it! Collusion can not be tolerated! They would never lie and forge any evidences! PokerLoco are the good guys! Aren't they?

6 - In case a blocked player or affiliate thinks it is an unfair decision can he ask for a second opinion or defend himself at some entity that regulates the network?


1 - Yes, Ongame regulates all specially the unwanted players and yes they literally decide who they block and who they don't. Otherwise they wouldn't block PokerGuardians before the 65+ network of hardcore colluders (that are still playing today). Well there is no need at all to have a RISK department at the operator side. Usually operators don't have a RISK department and they usually never lock any player or affiliate because that should be treated by the network. At this specific case it is believed that PokerLoco insisted on that particular ability of locking their own players and affiliates since it can be very profitable.

2 - Yes Ongame allows this. PokerLoco admited in their e-mails that they don't control the network and have no information of what is going on at their tables so it is very interesting how they think they can decide who to block just by seeing names and nicknames.

3 - Of course they can! Since PokerLoco has the ability to block players as long as they belong to PokerLoco they can do any kind of fraud without any problem. The more ways poker networks and poker rooms have to defraud their players the better. At least that seems to be the actual philosofy.

4 - It would be expectable that they give all the blocked money (and more) to accounts of their own and cashed out. Maybe they give these bucks to poker operators (skins) to avoid problems and keep them happy. When PokerLoco was faced with a similar question saying Ongame wouldn't compensate they said:

You asked before for example of refunded customers, here is one user that received money, obviously if the player is not a PokerLoco player we will not get the information that he/she received a refunds since it concerns that operator and not us. 

"please inform the following player that they were credited as specified below due to collusion found in the network

player ******ka72  was credited $**** for the rightful fifth place in tournament S-2**85-8***0

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further inquiries!

This is just one example of the collusion.

So many *******... Anyway they should covered all the information because it was very easy to spot that this was a lie. A forged evidence. Check here an excel with all the history of the PokerGuardians: 

Password: ongamefraud

Now press Ctrl+F, search in all workbook, insert 85-8, Find ALL. You will see only one DON played by Aktchim and it doesn't end in a 0.

So yes they forged evidences. Now they will say "no that was just one example of collusion but not related with PokerGuardians". Obviously they will say that because they were caught once again and they have no way to deny it except lying some more. If the argument is "Ongame won't compensate players properly or won't compensate players at all in this particular case", then when they say "That's not true look at this example", it would be expectable that the example was of this particular case. But then again, it is impossible to argue with Ongame since it is an organization associated with crime and they don't care about truth and honesty specially when the truth will make them lose money.

You can also check: where Ongame denied to Vaseline4u that certain players were colluders and then admited to _Kahanawake_ that they were colluders. Then only _Kahanawake_ received a small compensation for all the time and money lost. Who cares about Vaseline4u? Do you think they compensated him? They lied to Vaseline4u and didn't mailed back to say that after all he was right neither they tried to compensate him. So that proves how Ongame operates.

5 - If you think they are the good guys don't read this blog again. The blog contains so many explicit and undeniable evidences that Ongame is defrauding massively and systematically their customers that even the most skeptical person will probably change their minds after reading it all. About the lying and forging evidences i think there is nothing more to add. About the collusion, yes it shouldn't exist but in such a corrupt system like Ongame you can't really blame the small players to try to make a profit. The poor guys will have their accounts locked and they won't even imagine what Ongame does in large scale. PokerGuardians went one huge step further and discovered what was the source of the corrupt system. It's Ongame itself that are defrauding players but they will try to disguise it in many forms including collusion.

The CEO of PokerLoco says that he will not tolerate collusion but it seems that his words have no worth. He is aware that many reports were made to PokerLoco and all ignored by Ongame. He is also aware of all the collusion that is going on in a daily basis and the collusion points concept itself and all the warnings from Ongame shows that they have a high tolerance towards collusion. At least from their main core group of players.

PokerGuardians would like to suggest to this CEO that he takes PokerLoco out of Ongame if he still has any honor. Otherwise all his e-mails and PokerLoco e-mails are nothing but empty talk and the cooperation with Ongame actions is undeniable anymore.

6 - PokerGuardians never heard about such entity but after some contacts we will update this answer. There are many entities and websites that pretend to do that but so far all are just fake websites pretending they are any kind of authority. PokerGuardians must investigate it more though.