Poker Guardians Goals

Main Goal: Regulate online poker effectively ending with corruption and internal frauds. Warn law enforcement authorities when organized crime is detected.

1st Mission: Prove the systematic internal fraud at Ongame.

To accomplish this mission a group of players with the following requirements were needed:

1 - In total their profit had to be approximately zero.

2 - Minimize damage to honest players always trying to eliminate the protected players from the tables.

3 - Report the network of protected players through several accounts to avoid the Ongame standard behavior: Ignore players reports saying that it is an isolated case, deny their players involvement in frauds and answering differently to each player.

4 - Confirm that Ongame doesn't give special importance to reports made to prove their false propaganda.

5 - Confirm that it is false when Ongame says they have an effective and preventive anti collusion system that analysis every hand.

6 - Gather enough evidences to prove the protection of certain players and try to discover the degree of involvement of each part (operators and network) in the fraud.

7 - To prove the previous point it is necessary to gather proves that differentiate Ongame treatment to the main core of the network colluders from the others. In a perfect scenario we would have a group of players that would be locked with very soft collusion and a group of protected players that wouldn't get locked despite their heavy hardcore collusion.

8 - Investigate if any gambling authority or bwin itself acts when they are informed about the fraud.

9 - Report to law enforcement authorities in case of organized crime is detected.

To the first mission several accounts and machines were used without any attempt of covering IPs or IDs.
This way Poker Guardians wanted to exclude the motive of blocking accounts by IP and/or ID identification. If they were to be blocked by this method they would have to block the accounts in the first month or at max in the second month of playing. Since the block only happened after more than one year and an half Poker Guardians can assume that the block would be made by an hand analysis criteria or other Ongame motivation like. Since the Ongame had knowledge about the hands that they considered collusion to Poker Guardians and the hands that they didn't considered collusion to their protected players than Poker Guardians can conclude that Ongame had other motivation to block Poker Guardians. That motivation is: "These guys are discovering too much and they don't shut up despite our little bribe attempt of 750$ so we have to block them all". If Ongame internal fraudsters thought this way you are absolutely right! You won't get away with your massive fraud by any amount of money.

Objectives of the first mission already accomplished:
- 1
- 2 (Trying that some honest players receive their money back. Please understand that we can only help in your discussion with Ongame. We have no means of forcing them to compensate you.)
- 3
- 4
- 5
- 6
- 7
- 8 (so far no action)
- 9 (soon will be reported and hopefully investigated by international law enforcement authorities)