Super Users

Please note that this is not a PokerGuardians case but since it is so obvious that "Ongame Fraud Team" had something to do with it we will post it. We are posting 2 players that are Super Users at Ongame:


Their GodLike stats:

You can check the excel with ALL their SNGs in this link:

So, they have a 24,82€ and 24,1€ average profit.

Let's compare this stats with the most profitable stats from the protected colluders team:

FEELPOKER_ has 10,43€ average profit but only on 22 games. With more games it is IMPOSSIBLE to get more than 5€ average profit and we are taking in consideration the top hardcore colluders of the network. They would do a raise to 1499, all in to 1500 and fold for one chip without any problem to pass chips for each other.

So let's look at more curious things of these two players:

1 - Accounts played very few games before 2009 and low stakes.
2 - When Ongame changed their tournament identification from only numbers (example: 41001369) to letters and numbers (example: S-1400-1912) they both start playing Double or Nothings specially of 54$, 108$ and 215$.
3 - They both started to play DONs at November 2009.
5 - They left the tables at May 2010.

Please note that any software can check cases like these automatically, so yes probably "Ongame Fraud Team" had to do a manual job here of unflagging the accounts like at absolute poker / ultimate bet fraud.

Probably the questions that most players are now thinking are:

1 - Oh my god... Hackers???
2 - Oh my god... Russ Hamilton?
3 - Oh my god... Sick Upswing???
4 - Why Ongame is extracting money from the network with superusers? That's so dumb! If i had access to cards or software i would do that in a way that no one would get it!


1 - No. Poker Networks wouldn't let anyone hack their system. Not that they care if other players cheated you. They don't want hackers because they don't want money to be stolen from the Network. It's as simple as that.

2 - It might be. PokerGuardians believe that Ongame is extracting money from the Network in an organized and intentionally way. A true scheme of Organized Crime. But yes it could also be something similar to the Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet case. The security department might be extracting money for themselves. Only a police investigation over this crime could reach the true Head Masters.

3 - Seriously? Why are you even reading this blog? If you believe in miracles go ahead and blow your money at Ongame or at any other Network. Do you think we care about addicts? We are trying to make serious warnings to people with brains. Addicts must find a way to cure themselves and it isn't here certainly.

4 - True it is dumb but then again... They aren't that smart. They steal, get complaints and improve their scheme, then steal some more and so on. Seems reasonable? Don't forget that they will never get caught so it's just a matter of not losing the depositors. That's why their main target is wealthy addicts, they deposit, lose their money and don't have much brains to get what is going on. In terms of rake sharks generate a lot of more rake but they are much more aware to what is going on.

To end this section, two beautiful graphics: