Ongame Collusion

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke) 


Collusion in poker is a fraud that consists in 2 or more players playing in team in a way to increase global profit playing in the same tables and with the possibility to share cards and take an edge over their opponents with movements that clearly benefit their team partners.

Most of the online poker rooms don’t give an explicit definition of what collusion is so they have the power of deciding who is a colluder or not at their sole discretion. This way the doors to corruption are wide open and internal network frauds since they have the power to punish or protect certain group of players according to their will.

The network may protect several players and in case it receives several reports from different honest players all they have to do is answering individually saying that they investigated and found no evidences of collusion. This is a perfect kind of massive fraud since honest players won’t ever find enough evidences to prove their point of view and will probably lose all their money as victims of the network fraud that will go unnoticed.

However, there might occur a problem when the responsible by this kind of fraud are unqualified (or maybe they don’t even care much about hiding evidences) and they let too many evidences of their scheme. Even then for a honest player it would be very hard to prove a fraud like this despite many may have strong suspicious that they are being victims of a scheme.

The networks, operators and affiliates of the online poker always try to justify that networks wouldn’t defraud their players because the rake generated in the tables is more than enough to get rich and they wouldn’t risk their brand image. As it is obvious to get rich you have to be ambitious so that argument is not valid, the money stole from frauds isn’t negligible at all resulting many times in millions of Euros and normally this money goes to a strict group of people. This wouldn’t happen if they would share that wealth among affiliates, operators and networks. That way each would only have a small part and proof of that is that online poker has been a great target for big fraudsters as you might see on this link:

Ongame fraud (At least since 2009 and it still goes on)

In the day 06-09-2009 a professional Double or Nothing player: “Normal Player” (true nickname can’t be revealed for security reasons) began to detect certain patterns and suspicious players in the poker room bwin of the Ongame network. Furious with so many defeats most of the time due to same kind of movements from different players he started to investigate the situation by his own since Ongame always asked for more hands of the players involved and according to their investigations there was no collusion.

Certain that there were schemes at the tables he started to contact several friends about this and he even made a bet with another professional player “The Better”: In case he could prove in two years that the network was acting in a dishonest way (fixing the game, protecting several players and neglecting collusion and/or investigations) he would receive 5000€ otherwise he would have to pay 1000€ to “The Better”.

“The Better” knew several persons at Ongame and he was sure that it was a safe network since Ongame is owned by bwin and has powerful brands associated such as: BestPoker, Betfair, Betsafe, Betsson, bwin, CasinoEuro, CoralPoker, EuroBetPoker, EuroPoker, EuroSportBet, GalaPoker, GoalWin, GuruPlay, Heypoker, HollywoodPoker, PAF,, PokerIdol, PokerLoco, PokerRoom, RedKings, ScandicBookmakers, SmartLivePoker, Whitebet) and even if there was any fraud it would be impossible to explicitly prove it. This way “The Bettter” could keep a clean image of the network by such a confident bet with very good odds for “Normal Player”.

After this bet “Normal Player” thought in the most efficient way to investigate and expose the fraud that was taking place at Ongame. To avoid the typical answers from Ongame that always denied any collusion in the hands and denied the occurrence of more reports about the same players and the conclusion that the reported players were never colluders it would be necessary to have several accounts that played in the same tables and make several reports on the colluders movements so that Ongame couldn’t deny the reports. They could only ignore them as they did after a certain number of reports.

This way the Poker Guardians movement was born. “Normal Player” asked a friend to register the websites Poker and Poker that would be used by Poker Guardians to expose all frauds that occur in the online poker. It will be the first website about online poker that instead of trying to deceive players as an affiliate and defend online poker even when it is a tool to defraud their players by any means, it will be used to expose frauds by the networks and protect the common poker player that doesn’t have anyone from “the inside” to protect him. The main goal is an impartial and incorruptible regulation as an opposite to the current “regulation” that only demands a fee from time to time and does nothing for the safety of online poker.

Poker Guardians detected more than 62 colluder accounts in their investigation. Please check the list here:

The Poker Guardians that contributed in this investigation for more than one year and a half were the following:

p1nupd0nk            (profit: 246€)
 randompl4y          (profit: 1137€)
 _Kahnawake_       (profit: 619€)
 Pitboy.                 (profit: 696€)
 HeinzStein           (profit: -769€)
 I Want 1 KK        (profit: 138€)
 tankiu                  (profit: -416€)
 oh_isabel              (profit: -309€)
 XONPOL            (profit: -108€)
 muckitdonk          (profit: 783€)
 M4g1c V4g1n4     (profit: -509€)
 HolyShove            (profit: -1121€)
 AKtchim               (profit: 1046€)
 PreetBharara         (profit: -74€)
 Vaseline4u            (profit: -672€)
 blackwitecat          (profit: -599€)
 iiiiiioooooo            (profit: 53€)
 BigPotPlayer         (profit: 2091€)

Total Profit: 2152€                   Total Games: 12532  
Average Profit: 0,17€/game       Locked Money: Around 3000€

All this accounts are now blocked by collusion according to Ongame. The true motivation of these detectives was never of defrauding any honest player neither of getting a profit as you may see by the average profit per game. The main goal is to prove the complicity of Ongame with a network of hardcore colluders. This way in case you are not sure if you were injured you can contact us directly and we will offer a service to detect all games you were injured by the blocked players at Ongame as well as assistance in all process.

Please read more at:
Given the fat that Poker Guardians are professional players an average profit per game of 0,17€/game proves that the collusion is almost not existent since it is such a low value for good players.

Out of curiosity we will highlight  3 regular players linked to collusion between them and all the network of protected players with the confirmation of Ongame:
LFT.14                 (profit: 30 200€)
GEMERY             (profit: -5572€)
nana AA                (profit: -7522€)

Total Profit: 17 106€                 Total Games: 37565    
Average Profit: 0,455€/game      Locked Money: 0

These players were warned and forbidden to play together when the collusion between them were more than obvious. No aggressiveness between them, the same style of play and the typical movements of raise-fold to chipdump. It is also known that player LFT.14 is linked to many BestPoker players by money transfers and despite the relationship with the rest of the colluder network is not totally clear it is obvious that the collusion is not limited to those 3 players since an average profit of 2,06€ at an average stake of 36€ mostly at DONs turbo is clearly far superior of any professional player. For example, the professional player Jayzens has an average profit of -1,68€ per game in 2695 games. What is pretty expectable taking in consideration the speed and the high hardcore collusion in all games.

It is interesting why the player Luiz Fernando Torres (LFT.14) isn’t blocked along with his accounts GEMERY and nana AA and they still keep playing money from rakeraces and rakeback that is not allowed by Ongame. It seems that at Ongame there is place for many exceptions according to their convenience. (please note that even after being forbidden of playing together they arrived at the same time at the tables and left at the same hour entering one at a time all day long, what is obviously not viable for a professional player unless he also plays with other accounts which is highly likely).

The Poker Guardians sent and received more than 70 e-mails related to reports. Please read more at:
Please note that many information prior to 23-03-2011 mysteriously disappeared by some naivety of the Poker Guardians that didn’t took the necessary safety measures to protect their information given the nature of the case.

Resume of Ongame’s attitude along all the investigation:

- Poker Guardians detected the colluders since mid 2010 but given to the complexity of the network of colluders and lack of cooperation from Ongame it was very hard to establish an initial base of colluders to facilitate in the detection of new colluders prematurely.

- Before 23-03-2011 Poker Guardians started to report the most scandalous colluders (outrageous raise-fold to chipdump with very high big blinds, scandalous protection in the bubble risking losing with one account to save the other, constant steals on their mates blinds in any position and so on. Many times their moves were intercepted and it was clear judging by their normal behavior that they were helping each other as hard as they could no matter what hands they had. Please note that all these colluders were very profitable, good players and probably the same persons since their moves were so similar. They also showed themselves very comfortable while doing this having absolutely no problem in folding for any amount of chips and saying that they had 2,6 or 2,7).

- A big contribution to Poker Guardians investigation was the disclosure of all nicknames that were in the rake race of BestPoker without hiding their nicknames with ****. (After this scandal BestPoker already opted to hide the nicknames with *** for example LFT.14 would be ***.14 This way it is much harder for a honest player to google and investigate on his own. The nicknames won’t apper on the search engines). This way Poker Guardians managed to confirm most of the colluders that were related to the BR team and easily identify new existing colluders effectively as well as all accounts that were (and are) being created on a daily basis.

- 15-05-2011 _Kahnawake_ stops to play the BestPoker rake race after the confirmation by Hannes that there were really 20 reported accounts associated to collusion and have just been warned. The collusion was intolerable and a honest and lonely player would lose all their money in a couple of games without even knowing why all players were playing in a strange way.

- 16-05-2011 and 17-05-2011 Vaseline4u reports _pianista_ crispin_5 _love_stars_ _clarinha_ filedoboi69 and kabelo dp.
Explaining the collusion and showing some hands. These players were all colluders without any doubt and they had no problem in doing hardcore collusion (this means they would do anything to win: folding for 1 chip if needed)

- 17-05-2011 Hannes says that the players have been warned and in case it happens again they will be blocked. In the same day Vaseline4u reports again because the players continued to collude.

- 17-05-2011 Ongame says that they have investigated and found no collusion so they would take no action against those players. Please note that Vaseline4u sent a very clear hand between _pianista_  and crispin_5 of a chipdumping in a DON. Later Ongame will say to _Kahnawake_ that they were colluders after all but unfortunately had cashed out almost everything. Please also note that there was taking place a rake race of BestPoker in May and they had to lock them after the end of May so they could also cash some money from the race. And so they did.

- 29-05-2011 _Kahnawake_  continues to add nicknames, hands and behaviors and send it to Ongame through BestPoker.

- 30-05-2011 Ongame sends another warning to the protected colluders.

- 30-05-2011 A Ongame guarantees that they keep an “eye” on every table.

- 01-06-2011 (after the rake race) Hannes says that the following 6 accounts were locked: "crispin_5" , "_pianista_" , "mon_cmr" , "filedoboi69" , "kabelo dp" , "_love_stars_" and that other 2 accounts had been found colluding and would be warned: "_sarinha_" and "_mary_jane"

- 02-06-2011 _Kahnawake_ reports more accounts that are beeing created and other older accounts. Also he insists in being compensated for the money he lost against the colluders and highlight that a “thank you” is not rewarding enough for all his hard work. In fact he was doing Ongame work against the will of the network and without any cooperation from the network.

- 09-06-2011 Hannes compensates _Kahnawake_ in 715,54$ due to the collusion of the 8 players mentioned on 01-06-2011 and says that unfortunately most of the money has been already cashed out. Out of curiosity _mary_jane account still shows activity at least until 17-10-2011 and is also involved in several chipdumping in Heads Up tournaments after 01-06-2011. Even with more than 2 weeks Ongame manages to “let escape” most of the money of the colluder accounts (don’t forget that they also received money from rake races so if they paid on day 1 how could they withdrew everything?)
So how a honest player knows if Ongame is doing their job? How do you know if the accounts were in fact locked? Is it a big coincidence that they were so active and had no money at the time of the “block”? You simply don’t know but after this we hope that you never trust an online poker network again. Specially Ongame.
Please read more about chipdumping at the chipdumping section:

- Let’s take a look at more curiosities. Vaseline4u that correctly reported these players on 16-05-2011 and 17-05-2011 didn’t receive any e-mail saying that after all he was right. Neither did he receive any compensation from Ongame. Fortunately he was part of Poker Guardians and this way we now all know how Ongame operates.

- Meanwhile _ Kahnawake _ continues to report accounts that are created on a daily basis and also the old list of colluders that hasn’t been blocked with the exception of those 7 nicknames that at least didn’t play anymore. From this date forward Ongame simply ignored all reports from _Kahnawake_

- The "Normal Player" bets 2000€ against "The Better" that Poker Guardians will be blocked first than the "Protected Colluders" despite all the reports and evidences. "The Better" accepts it but only pays 2000€ in case he loses the bet since he already know that 5000€ are lost in the first bet.

- 08-07-2011 randompl4y initiates a wave of reports against the same list of colluders and Ongame ignores all the reports leaving Victor Arias totaly “speechless” by his own words because he thought he would have an answer from Ongame and never got one. He even says it is ridiculous and he doesn’t have any idea what Ongame is doing.

- 17-07-2011 Hannes says that Ongame blocked some accounts reported by _Kahnawake_ and warned a bunch of players. No nicknames of blocked players were revealed, no money was returned to any account of Poker Guardians and collusion levels were still very high. In practical terms nothing happened.

- 25-08-2011 Thiago of BestPoker support (under suspect by Poker Guardians of beeing involved in the Ongame’s fraud) starts to make more specific questions about the colluders to _Kahnawake_ in the live chat and asks for nicknames and types of movements. He asks if _Kahnawake_ still sees those nicknames and moves. He also requests _Kahnawake_ to send the reports to his personal e-mail: with an explanation of every hand instead of sending to (This behavior is unique since all other skins always request to send it to . Except PokerLoco that is such a small poker room that it is believed that Victor Arias plays every role of PokerLoco himself).
Please note that the detailed report to Thiago had no answer from Ongame neither from him.

- In October 2011 _Kahnawake_and other Poker Guardians are blocked without any warning by e-mail or justification. In this case Ongame started to answer to e-mails saying that they blocked the accounts due to suspect of collusion and were now investigating (trying to justify their lock since there was almost no collusion at all. Especially when compared to the previous BR team and the other hardcore colluders believed to have the cooperation of Ongame).
In this case Ongame took the initiative of locking and then investigating by their own. No need to show many hands, table IDs and so on. They took some ridiculous example hands and IPs. Poker Guardians never hide devices neither IPs so if that was the problem why they let Poker Guardians play for more than one year and a half? As to the hands obviously they won’t find much because Poker Guardians always tried not to injure any player except the colluders, proof of that is the global profit that is approximately zero.
Please note that Ongame still ignored many e-mails when confronted with facts that showed that they treated players differently, especially when Poker Guardians sent more than 40 hands of the protected colluder group and compared to hands that Ongame accused Poker Guardians.

- There were also some threats at liberty of expression when randompl4y and _Kahnawake_ talked about this case in the chat. Also one affiliate was target of extorsion and threats by PokerLoco that blocked his account by their own will saying that if finds collusion intolerable even after knowing everything that is going on so they are considered accomplicies of Ongame mega fraud.

- PokerLoco/Ongame not only lied and ignored Poker Guardians several times but also forged evidences saying that a player was compensated for the collusion of the Poker Guardians.

- "The Better" lost all the bets for unwisely trusting Ongame Network.