PokerGuardians are proud to present... the best HU player of the world...

CronosIII !!!

This player is so good that we will study it with a bit more detail than the other chipdumpers linked already to collusion. Please don't forget about Ongame Security Department:

Some of the accounts involved in chipdumping and already linked to collusion (so they were already flagged. Unless Ongame "specialist fraud team" unflagged them for some reason...)

Black race        
peste negra        
tatu peba        
ll kapel ll        
Uncle Scroog        
Dona Jura        
VIN_ DIESEL        
Mike Bit        
Duda Pink        
Ell Mago        

Nicknames missing above: _mary_jane

Let's take a look at CronosIII HU history:

So this history is not suspicious at all. CronosIII only lost one HU above 1$ and it was to Mike Bit already linked to collusion and chip dumping. Why this account won all HU? We really don't know and we don't care. We are here to prove that Ongame ALLOWED chipdumping.

Well, maybe this player had a good winning streak and it wasn't chipdumping so let's check who he played against.

Chronologically, he played:

2 times VS __sarinha__
7 times VS dispraiana_II
4 times VS tatu peba
4 times VS rihanabarbie
4 times VS gmoras
6 times VS 1super_man1
5 times VS mike bit
2 times VS duda pink
3 times VS reidopoker_
2 times VS bruguelo1980
2 times VS reidopoker_
1 time VS 1super_man1
2 times VS _leipzig1_
7 times VS gmoras
1 time VS rihanabarbie
1 time VS _sem_ar_
10 times VS carpe_diem_x
12 times VS musashi_dias

So he only played against 14 players all linked to previous collusion and none of them play HU outside the protected colluder group. In this case all victories so for some reason he was a receiver. Is it that hard to detect this kind of chipdumping specially when most of the players have already been reported several times?

No it isn't hard and obviously Ongame knows what is going on. But once again, the "specialist fraud team" from Ongame decided for some reason not to take any action in this particular case.

The same situation occurs with the player ll kapel ll.

Here are the Chipdumper stats (some are missing they will be posted very soon):

The _mary_jane chipdumping

_mary_jane stats:

_mary_jane was warned for collusion several times:

_Kahnawake_ was compensated for _mary_jane collusion so it was assumed that _mary_jane would be blocked for collusion in June 2011.

_mary_jane continues not only to collude but receiving massive chipdumping from other brazilian accounts. Many of those already reported for collusion. Very strange to make a massive chipdump to a flagged and warned account.

In 65 Heads Up _mary_jane only lost one game against XStorm that isn't marked as a colluder neither a brazilian account by Poker Guardians.

_mary_jane account acted has a receiver even after beeing warned and in theory blocked due to collusion by Ongame. Despite this the fraudsters opted to use _mary_jane account has a chipdumping receiver for some reason. It doesn't makes any sense unless they know that _mary_jane account will not be blocked by any means.

Chronologically, he played:

1 times VS Nicehand_
13 times VS Sara_AA
6 times VS _ivoninha_
2 times VS _ZIZOU05_
6 times VS Ell Mago
3 times VS gmoras
2 times VS _ZIZOU05_
6 times VS VIN_ DIESEL
1 time vs gmoras
1 time vs XStorm
4 times vs _ivoninha_
4 times vs _Leipzig1_
2 times vs Uncle_Scroog
7 times vs fatway

Total chipdumping: 5348$ (over 4 months chipdumping several hundreds of dollars each session in a short period of time and against the same players over all the session)

Largest wining streak: 45 (62 excluding the player that wasn't part of the scheme)

Please don't get the message wrong. This doesn't mean that Ongame allows chipdumping and collusion to all accounts. They only allow it to specific accounts.