Receive your money

Although it is now proven without any doubt that Ongame is a fraudulent network and all the advertisement that they verify the chipdumping and collusion by checking every hand one by one is false, Poker Guardians insist that all players that played against the blocked nicknames and even against the colluders that still play and are not locked that you should try to get your money back.

In case Ongame doesn’t want to cooperate with you and inform you about the tournaments you were injured we will do that work for you for free.

Contact us to the e-mail and we will send all the games you played against cheaters so you can send a complaint to Ongame and try to get compensated. Please note that Ongame is very selective in compensations and when we say selective we mean that they will try to hide information about colluders and obviously avoid to pay anything.

PS: Any threat or spam attempt will be criminally investigated.