Ongame Security ???

Ongame is safe? It is without any doubt very safe to steal money for a specific group of players. Are they from the network? Or they are only protected by the network? Ongame can't deny lack of reports and lack of evidences so yes one of the two is true.

But you think that Ongame won't do massive propaganda about their safety and fairness? As any other network would say they are always the number one in the world in security, fairness, honesty, and so on...

Let's waste no more time and just post some printscreens because a picture is worth more than a thousand words.



FraudWatch.pdf (if you want original file just request at

This is a 2 page document where they insist they are really good at fraud prevention.

Small size so you can check the 2 following pages are from the same document and have all the Ongame logo and FraudWatch logo.

There is NO WAY you can't feel safe at Ongame after reading this! Unless... It isn't true.

We strongly believe that most of it is true though. Specially the part:

"In addition, Ongame employs a dedicated team of risk specialists who manually monitor and flag any suspicious play and/or fraudulent behavior and take the necessary steps to ensure a fair-play environment."

Yes there is definitely a VERY DEDICATED TEAM of fraud specialists who manually monitor Ongame. Flaging players they find inconvenient and unflagging themselves or their mates. And they take the necessary steps to ensure a safe environment for themselves. So the document was almost entirely true. No way to deny it.

To end this section in a beautiful way you can go to the following links:

In these links you can understand how poker skins lie and take responsabilities for things that are behind their control (or at least shouldn't be in their control). It's ironic how can a skin can guarantee "Zero Tolerance for Fraud and Collusion" when most of the colluder and fraud accounts come from this skin! Plus they write as if they were the regulators of the network and not Ongame.