Law Enforcement

PokerGuardians already gathered enough evidences that prove Ongame involvement in poker frauds such as:

- Protecting specific group of colluders that are now operating at least in DONs, SNGs and MTTs. This protection is provided by ignoring other players report, ignoring players hands (they advertised for years that they check every hand and they have a very good and preventive anti colluder system), requiring too much evidences to players that report and refusing to accept it is collusion, not paying compensations properly or not paying compensations at all for the few players they lock to pretend they do anything.

- The accounts locked had no money in their posession according to Hannes from BestPoker. Please note that it would be very hard to lock accounts without any money since all the accounts received money from best poker rake race and that money is paid after the end of the month. Most of the accounts were also very active until the day 29 of May 2011. So they had insiders that allowed all blocked accounts to withdraw all money or the time between all the warnings of collusion and the actual blocked was in such a good timing and the accounts were locked few days later after withdrawing all the money.

- On the other hand Ongame is reasonably effective in detecting colluders outside the group of protected players. Plus they locked PokerGuardians first and investigated AFTER. Why? When it is known that they warned a "bunch" of colluders so many times and blocked almost none of them? And when they blocked some they allowed them to take all the money from their accounts? Because PokerGuardians were making too many reports and showing too much knowlodge over the game and what fraud was really going on. They had no other choice then to ignore all the reports and block them from the network.

- Massive chipdumpings in Heads Up are very easy to detect and Ongame ignored chip dumpings even of players that were warned and linked to previous frauds according to them. According to most networks (including Ongame) chipdumping is not allowed and is highly associated to money laundering and organized crime. So by ignoring this with perfect knowledge they can probably be associated with money laundering and organized crime in a very high level since so many frauds were spotted by a small group of part time investigators with limited resources. No one can imagine the real dimension of the fraud. It is likely to be a fraud extended to all network and to all games.

- Ongame together with PokerLoco forged evidences and made THREATS in case accusations were made against them. This is something so dirty that even PokerGuardians were surprised! They said with all their pride that they compensated a player for the collusion of the PokerGuardians. "player ******ka72  was credited $**** for the rightful fifth place in tournament S-2**85-8***0", even with most of the numbers covered it was possible to see that that tournament was not played by any of the PokerGuardians. In the same e-mail they added "If you continue to come with innumerable accusations and threats we will proceed in taking legal actions.". This was sent by e-mail so it is not possible for them to deny their mobster behaviour.

So there are irrefutable evidences that Ongame is making advertise of a fair environment for honest people to deposit their money into offshore accounts and then steal that money without any ethical problem by illegal methods. They create an hostile environment where they try to disguise themselves as colluders and other unusual players so they can justify their anormal winnings. Then they don't treat equally all players. They protect their players at all costs and ban the others.

Can you imagine what else is going on at Ongame? What other crimes are they committing on a daily basis? Who will stop them?

Despite all the threats PokerGuardians don't stop! All efforts to contact law enforcements authorities around the world will be made in order to fight these criminals. Stealing money from deceived players, money laudering, association to organized crime or terrorist organizations are few of the things that are at stake. The police authorities MUST investigate with full resources and full data access and get the culprits in jail.

If you know any law enforcement authority that might be able to investigate this case let us know at: